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vm_alongtimeago's Journal

A Long Time Ago (pre-series VM fic)
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A Long Time Ago
This community is a place to post any piece of Veronica Mars fanfiction set before the series began. Fics with extended flashbacks to events that occurred before the pilot are also welcome, as are those that focus on the backstory of characters who appeared after the pilot (ex: stories involving Troy at his old school before he got kicked out, Mac before she met Veronica, etc.)

* Do title your posts. Please put the title, pairing and/or characters, rating, and part of your fic in the subject line.
Ex: Veronica Mars Fic (Logan/Lilly, Duncan), PG-13 (1/1)
* Do put it under a LJ cut (or a link to your journal if you prefer).
* Do put all pertinent info in the post, right before your cut.
Title: Veronica Mars Fic
Author: fic_writer
Pairing/Character: Logan/Lilly, Duncan
Word Count: 1000
Rating: R
Warnings/Spoilers: All of season one, language
Summery: Veronica solves a mystery.
* Do feel welcome to post fics about any character and/or pairing. AU and/or multi-chapter fic is welcome as long as it begins before the pilot.
* Do feel free to ask questions, but please comment on the FAQ post instead of starting a new topic.
* Do feel free to recommend any pre-series fics you have read. Make sure to comment on the recommendations post instead of starting a new topic.

* Don't post any PWP (porn without plot). I'm sorry, it's just not my thing. NC-17 fiction is allowed as long as it's not overwhelming. This particularly applies to multi-chaptered fic where only one or two chapters are actually rated NC-17.
* Don't post anything that isn't fanfiction. When you first join however, an post introducing yourself is allowed.
* Don't post anything that isn't your own work or that you don't have an author's permission to post here.

If you would like to affiliate with this community, than please leave a comment on the FAQ and link back to us on your profile.

Fics are organized by title, pairing, author, and rating in the memories.